LeNiza A.

missional community leader

BASBL has pushed me to dig deeper in learning who my Creator is and as a result, my belief of who He says I am grew to a point of never questioning my identity again. Because of that growth, I am a more confident leader.

Luis S.


BASBL has improved my life and leadership by changing my view of how to lead, from my heart out, seeking God first and trusting His ways. It has also formed my character getting to know more about His attributes and His impact in my life.

Megan C.

Missional CommunitY LEADER

I feel a much better understanding of leadership led by God, not by me. If you have time to commit, do it! If you don’t, change your schedule. This class will change your life if you allow it. Read the books, do the homework, then look back 9 months and be blown away by the growth.

Leann W.

Marriage Ministry LEADER

The class brought an awakening to my spiritual life. I think I was spiritually sleeping and this woke a thirst in me to grow and lead.

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