God's Word

10/17 - No Meeting - All Online
10/24 - Meeting: 6:30 - 9 PM @ The Commons
10/31 - No Meeting - All Online

Godly leaders lean on God’s Word as the guiding force in their personal lives, as well as use it to communicate truths to those they are leading. This course aims to deepen the individual’s understanding of the doctrine of the Bible and its composition, how to interpret the Bible effectively, and how to communicate personally and corporately.


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assignments due by Tuesday 10/17

Weekly Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the Bible through Revelation, Inspiration, Illumination, Canonicity


  • Select sections of Bibliology: The Doctrine of the Written Word
    • Terms - pages 2-3
    • Written Word - pages 6-9
    • God's Special Revelation + Inspired Revelation - pages 9-13
    • Canon - pages 23-30
    • Please note that the page numbers reflect the numbers on the bottom of the document, not the page numbers shown if you choose to read this digitally.

Watch: (2 hours)


  • Submit a response paper on BibliologyDUE Tuesday 10/17
    • Complete and submit a two page paper (appx. 1000 words) summarizing what you learned about revelation, inspiration, illumination and canonicity. Imagine someone asked you, "Why should we trust the Bible?" and use the information and terms you learned from this week's homework to write a response / explanation.

WEEK two: interpretation and application
complete by class on 10/24
assignments due by Sunday 10/22

Weekly Objectives:

  • Learn how to do an inductive Bible study
  • Understand and apply Biblical interpretation



  • Outline the book of Ephesians - THIS ASSIGNMENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE FOLLOWING WEEK - We will review this together in class before you do this on your own. Please check next week's section for submission links and details. 
    • Using this version of Ephesians, use the methodology above to read/re-read through the book of Ephesians and create an outline. Don't rely on other materials, commentaries, bibles, outlines, etc. See if you can discern the natural flow of thought, identifying the key transitions, and flow of the book. Create an outline and be prepared to share it in class.

WEEK three: Communication
complete by Tuesday 10/31

Weekly Objectives:

  • Experience and develop skills for teaching and communicating the Word in a variety of settings



  • Dr. Timothy Keller on Preaching to the Heart (click "play" to listen below)